Blue Sky Filing Service

Hardin Compliance Consulting now provides Blue Sky Filing Services to Hedge and Private Fund Managers!

In addition to federal securities laws, each state has its own set of securities laws, commonly referred to as “Blue Sky Laws.” Securities being offered or sold within a state must be registered or qualify for an exemption. Blue Sky Laws vary widely and there is very little uniformity among state securities laws.

Complying with Blue Sky Laws can be complicated and burdensome, so fund managers usually delegate this responsibility to outside counsel. Research and submission of these filings can be time consuming, driving the cost even higher. At Hardin, we have the consultants and tools necessary to assist you in complying with blue sky filings requirements at a much lower cost.

Our services include initial blue sky filings, renewal and or termination filings. To cut down on the cost, blue sky filings will be submitted only in states where required, rather than in all states where the fund is being offered.  Our consultants work directly with your Firm on an ongoing basis to track existing filings, completed filings and submitting annual renewal and termination filings on a timely basis.

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