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Compliance Navigator® is a comprehensive, organized and efficient tool that can also be used by independent CCO users to implement their compliance program. It is continuously updated based on the regulatory environment and the experience of the team of consultants at Hardin Compliance.


Tests can be customized to your firm and scheduled throughout the year based on your risk tolerance and regulatory requirements.


Certifications can be customized and scheduled, like tests, but also enable you to easily communicate with your employees about a variety of topics to meet compliance requirements.


Allows you to create a compliance program that gives you everything you need, when you need it, and nothing that you don’t.

Record Retention & Reporting

Provides document retention and reporting capabilities for use in drafting your annual compliance report and that allow for reporting to senior management and regulators on your compliance program status.

BasisCode Personal Trading Manager

Compliance Navigator®, powered by BasisCode Compliance, can be utilized alongside the BasisCode Personal Trading Manager to enhance employee code of ethics reporting. The Personal Trading Manager allows clients to establish direct brokerage feeds for reporting employee transactions.

Click here to request more information on the BasisCode Personal Trading Manager.

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