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It’s Form ADV Season

Did you know, one of the most frequently identified deficiencies in SEC examinations of RIAs is inaccurate or omitted Form ADV disclosures? These deficiencies have even led to enforcement proceedings!

The deadline to file your Form ADV annual amendment is right around the corner and Hardin Compliance Consulting can help.1

Let Hardin:

  • Conduct a Gap analysis of Parts 1 and 2A
  • Review Part 2A to ensure accurate and adequate disclosures    
  • Assist with filing requirements
  • Advise on delivery obligations

Check out our blog post:

Coming Clean on Conflicts of Interest: Tips for Updating Your Form ADV for 2020


Don’t be the next headline.

Contact us at 833-942-2218 or

send an email to contact@hardincompliance.com.


  1. Registered investment advisers and exempt reporting advisers are required to file an annual amendment to Form ADV within 90 days of the firm’s fiscal year-end. Those firms with a December 31, 2019 fiscal year-end must file by March, 30, 2020.

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