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Hardin’s Own Awarded JD Supra Readers’ Choice Top Authors 2021!

Cari Hopfensperger, Senior Compliance Consultant, Jaqueline Hummel, Partner and Managing Director, and have been recognized by JD Supra as among the top ten authors writing on compliance issues in 2020.  They were selected from a pool of more than 2,200 writers in the compliance category.  This is the third year in a row that Ms. Hummel has been recognized, and the second year for Ms. Hopfensperger.  “Cari and I are happy to see that so many people are reading our work,” said Ms. Hummel.


JD Supra’s Readers’ Choice Awards recognize top authors and firms who were read by C-suite executives, in-house counsel, media, and other professionals across the JD Supra platform during 2020.  The awards recognize authors for their visibility and thought leadership covering 26 key, cross-industry topics (10 authors per category).  JD Supra editors chose the 26 main topics covered in this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards for their timeliness as well as their proven, ongoing importance. In each category, ten authors and one firm were recognized for consistently highest readership and engagement within that category for all of 2020. In total, across all categories, JD Supra recognized 265 authors selected from over 60,000 who publish their work on its platform.

Here are the Top Five Blog Posts by Hardin from 2020 according to JD Supra readers:

  1. Ransomware Attacks! SEC Creates New Hoops for Advisers with Automated Proxy Voting; and Private Fund Conflicts Still Under the Microscope: Regulatory Update for August 2020, by Jaqueline Hummel, Cari Hopfensperger, Rochelle Truzzi, Doug MacKinnon, Carolyn Mendelson
  2. Broker-Dealer 2019 Regulatory Year in Review, by Doug MacKinnon
  3. Compliance Team Takes the Hit for MNPI Process Failures; and SEC Continues Crusade Against “Inadequate Disclosure”: Lessons Learned from SEC & FINRA Cases and Worth Reading for July 2020, by Jaqueline Hummel, Cari Hopfensperger
  4. The Rise of Slack, Teams, Hangouts, Stride and Other Instant Messaging Apps for the Remote Workforce – Are your Books and Records Practices up for the Challenge?, by Theresa Sekely
  5. Cybersecurity Alert Warns of Credential Stuffing Attacks, SEC Modernizes Accredited Investor Definition, FINRA Gateway Enhancements Continue, and ADA Compliance Considerations: Regulatory Update for October 2020, by Jaqueline Hummel, Cari Hopfensperger, Rochelle Truzzi, Doug MacKinnon, Heather Augustine