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Hardin Compliance Partner Recognized in JD Supra Readers’ Choice Award

Jaqueline M. Hummel, Hardin Compliance

Hardin Compliance Consulting partner and managing director, Jaqueline Hummel, has been recognized by JD Supra as one of the top five authors writing on compliance issues in 2018.  “I’m delighted to be recognized in the same category as Thomas Fox, Michael Volkov and Thomas Gorman.”

JD Supra’s Readers’ Choice Awards recognize top authors and firms who were read by C-suite executives, in-house counsel, media, and other professionals across the JD Supra platform during 2018.  The awards recognize:

  • authors for their visibility and thought leadership covering 26 key, cross-industry topics (10 authors per category)
  • firms for their visibility and engagement in the 26 topics covered by the awards (one firm per category).

JD Supra editors chose the 26 main topics covered in this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards for their timeliness as well as their proven, ongoing importance. In each category, ten authors and one firm were recognized for consistently highest readership and engagement within that category for all of 2018. In total, across all categories, JD Supra recognized 228 authors selected from over 50,000 who publish their work on its platform.